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Rise of Nations – a top strategy game


Critics have stated that this game is much alike with Age of Empires, but there are many big differences that make Rise of Nations to be a better game compared to Age of Empires. This is a RTS game (Real Time Strategy game) that brings us many new concepts, extraordinary concepts I may say like national borders, the possibility to assimilate cities and many other things (register to gain more chances to win in the game).

Rise of Nations has 8 stages of development: classic, medieval, illuminati, industrial, modern and the stage of information. Even though the game starts with the old, dark times of the era, it ends with a futuristic era, but it manages to create a perfect balance between these two eras.

At first sight this game give you the impression of a complex game, but in fact it is pretty simple, the user interface is well-designed – it is pretty simple to understand right from the beginning how the things work in the game, how to develop and how to manage your resources in order to have a good development along all stages.

One small downside of the game would be the fact that it doesn’t have a good story line, but it comes with a big purpose – to gain the world. This world is divided like we are all used to be in a classic board game.

Gaining and owning territories in this game can bring many benefits like receiving additional army or resources. Rise of Nations is a little bit different by all turn based games and you will notice this when you learn that the cities are an essential strategy component. The occupied territory is in fact all the cities you own. Since the expansion of the territory is related to your cities, you will have to put your mind to work and to think where and how to build your cities. While you expand, you can also recruit soldiers.

In order to win in Rise of Nations you will have to be quick, to not forget important strategies, pay attention to details like: veiling enemies, make surprise attacks and to not forget about the special skills of the generals of your army that can give you advantage points in attack and defense.

The cities are in fact the key point of the game since a successful attack doesn’t destroy the city, but it captures it be used in personal interest. These fights are huge and interesting especially if you choose to play this game in the multiplayer mode.

To sum up, Rise of Nations is one of the best strategy games that exist on this market. It is a smart game, entertaining and it offers to the player plenty of options in order to complete the main purpose. It has a superb graphic and the multiplayer mode is one of the best.

Rise of Nations is on strategy game that all players should perform at least one time.

Post by jasonmccoy (2016-04-20 09:13)

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